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Modernism Resources


Solterra Development, Inc

Solterra Development, Inc. specializes in high end custom homes and commercial development with an emphasis and speciality in mid-century modern design, and sustainability. Experience, technology, and forward-thinking building techniques give us the tools to provide our clients with a professional, stream-lined building experience

Website: Welcome to Solterra

Blue Sky Homes

Blue Sky Homes can be built in 8 weeks. The prototyp in the Southern California Desert was designed by the well known firm o2 Architecture in Palm Springs.

Website: Blue Sky Homes

Maxx Livingstone

Maxx Livingstone's Mid-Century Modern Homes bring together the clean flow of modernism infused with the iconic classic architectural works of William Krisel A.I.A.

Website: Maxx Livingstone Modern Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes

Innovation and tradition. Inspiration and predictability. Well-planned architecture delivered through time-honored building systems, enduring enough to earn a lifetime structural warranty and sustainable enough to be the first to participate in the NAHB National Green Building Program in all 50 states. A refined, personalized planning process provided by independent Lindal dealers throughout North America and internationally.


Marmol Radziner Prefab

Marmol Radziner Prefab combines the efficiency of factory-built homes with the benefits of custom residential design. Our green homes are not a kit of parts we build the prefab modules in a factory and ship them complete with your choice of pre-installed interior and exterior finishes, flooring, appliances, and more. We can oversee the entire process, from design to delivery and installation, so no additional contractor is required.


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